Honestly, do you often (ever) read online privacy notices, terms of conditions, binding agreements you claim to have "read and understood"?
This page gives you a unique opportunitiy to do so and share this experience with others.
You will be annotating Online Agreements. The results of your annotations will eventually be shared with other users on the web. All you have to do is to answer a couple of questions.


First, enter a short code which will serve as your unique ID:

and select what best describes you

I never or rarely read Terms of Services or Privacy notices
I often carefully read Terms of Services and Privacy notices
I am a lawyer

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How to participate

Choose and identifier

First, enter a short identifier composed of letters and figures. This will allow us to evaluate agreement between annotators. Please make sure this identifier has a good chance to be unique. It does not have to be your name or anything which refers to your personal information.

Please choose the same identifier each time you annotate a document

For example:
  • alain527
  • birdland28
would be fine (please do not use these ones). whereas
  • test
  • abcd
  • a
Have more chances to be picked up by other users.
Then click on the "Submit" button to see the whole document.

Filling in the form

To begin, the first section of the document is shown in yellow, along with a couple of questions. First, choose if the section is readable, understandable or just some programming crap which has snicked its way to the interface.
If the section is readable, you can answer the other questions. You do not need to answer all the questions if the information is not in the section displayed in yellow.

You can add a comment, and then click on the submit button when you are done. The next section of the document will be shown along with its form.

Thank you, have fun!


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